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Confidence - Responsibility - Passion - Proactivity - Innovation

Socially Responsible Company


At PURP, we are a company in constant evolution, always seeking to provide sustainable solutions to the countryside. We participate in the national and international market supply chain. We build trust through the incorporation of best manufacturing practices in the production processes, always taking care of food quality and safety, we also offer traceability exercises of our products.

We are pioneers in the export of beans and chickpeas worldwide and our extensive competitive advantages make us leaders in the region, as well as having the largest installed capacity in the Municipality of Guasave Sinaloa.

We incorporate cutting-edge technology in our processes and rely on computer systems and cutting-edge telecommunications, following the best global practices and incorporating them into the agricultural sector.

Our Brand

Our own brand PURP. With the blue that distinguishes us!

We also have our Verdi brand, which consists of the best chickpeas to disposition of all.

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Mission and Vision

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We are a company Socially Responsible with the environment.

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Our Products

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PURP screening process allows us to have a high quality standard that has given us the preference of the industry...

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Yellow Beans

The bean commercially known in the market as Peruvian or Mayocoba is actually the higuera sulfur variety and the best one is produced in Sinaloa...

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Our quality processes allow us to deliver to our customers the best white chickpea...

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Our production process in Sinaloa allows us to give the market a product of excellent quality, considering it as an ideal sorghum for the livestock market...

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Chickpea Flour

Type of flour obtained from chickpeas, in a cooking and dehydration process...

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Alubia Beans

The Alubia Beans is a young variety that in a few years has achieved great acceptance in the market in Mexico due to its flavor, texture, cooking and size similar to Peruvian beans ...



International Highway México 15, #2856
Industrial Zone, Guasave, Sinaloa. México.
P.C. 81030

Plant: Los Pinitos

Highway to Estación Naranjo km. 0.6
Los Pinitos, Guasave, Sinaloa. México.

Plant: El Burrión

Highway to La Brecha km. 0.1
El Burrión, Guasave, Sinaloa. México.


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(+52) 687-872-4808      (+52) 687-872-4818